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Traffic Signal & ATMS Training

Traffic Signal & ATMS Training

UDOT is excited to announce the new UDOT Traffic Signal & ATMS Construction Training Program. The purpose of the online training is to provide world-class training for traffic signal & ATMS contractors, UDOT maintenance crews, Resident Engineers, and Inspectors. This training will be specific to traffic signal and ATMS devices in Utah, improves consistency and adherence to UDOT standards, and can be tracked through the UDOT Learning Management System and UDOT University.

Per the existing UDOT 02892 Specification, contractors always need to have at least two certified staff on-site when constructing traffic signals. The certification is either IMSA Traffic Signal Field Level II or this UDOT training program. Resident Engineers and Inspectors are required to complete the courses to be eligible to inspect traffic signal projects.

The training consists of nine modules from Preconstruction to full signal construction, ATMS, lighting, and project acceptance. They are designed to be taken on-line and are 30 minutes to an hour each. Tests after each module will be conducted, a score of 80% must be achieved.

Please contact Adam Lough (801) 718-4326 or Mark Taylor at (801) 887-3714 with questions regarding this training.

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