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Roadway Design

Roadway Design

Roadway Design provides technical expertise to department and consultant designers.

Roadway Design Manual

The Roadway Design Manual (RDM) defines the Department’s requirements for roadway design. The RDM consists of all sections shown below.

Contact Vaughn Nelson at vanelson@utah.gov or 801 910-2031 if you have questions about this manual.

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Roadway Design Manual Memoranda

Accepted revisions to the RDM may be addressed immediately through RDM Memos.


Previous versions of Roadway Design Related Documents

CADD Support

This is your source for resources and information regarding Comptuter-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) at UDOT.

Be sure to check back occasionally for new information and downloads.

Additional Information:

CADD Downloads

The following useful downloads are available for developing CADD projects for UDOT.

    CADD Standards for V8i Edition CADD and Projectwise

    This will create the complete UDOT CAD_Standards folder for V8i Edition CADD and ProjectWise. This folder contains all resource files that define UDOT’s CADD Standards (zip file). Effective date: November 9, 2015. (Under construction.)

    CADD Standards Manual

    This is the official guide to the use of CADD Standards available for use in developing CADD-based projects for UDOT (PDF). Effective date: October 2021

    Plan Sheet Development Standards

    This is the official guide to aid in the production of consistent plan sheets for UDOT construction projects (PDF). This download also includes sample drawings (PDF) and both are included in a self-extracting executable. Effective date: January 29, 2015.

    Using CADD Setup Utility for Exported ProjectWise Projects

    Instructions for consultants on using UDOT’s CADD Setup Utility for Exported ProjectWise Projects (PDF). Effective date: November 8, 2010

    Text Sizes for Typical Plotting Scales

    Chart to simplify text sizes to be usd for various typical plotting scales based on 11×17 sheet size (PDF). Effective date: March 15, 2002

    Summary Sheet Training Manual

    Instructions for merging MicroSoft Excel worksheets into blank summary sheet drawings (PDF). Effective date: October 7, 2003

    Committing Survey Data to Graphics

    Information on how to commit survey data to graphics with Survey SelectCAD (PDF). Effective date: March 15, 2002

    Local Government Project Title Sheet - CADD

    Title Sheet in Adobe PDF format for Local Government projects. For information only. Effective date: October 5, 2009 (Under construction.)

    Local Government Project Title Sheet - PDF

    Title Sheet in Adobe PDF format for Local Government projects. For information only. Effective date: October 5, 2009

    Change Request Form

    Form for submitting requests for changes to UDOT’s CADD Standards (Adobe .pdf). Effective date: February 12 2013. (Under construction.)

CADD E-mail Subscription

You can sign up for CADD-related e-mail to keep abreast of new material. To sign up for this service, use the following link:

UDOT CADD/ProjectWise Training

UDOT CADD/ProjectWise online training is available on the Web. We now have several Online CADD training items available on the Web. These are interactive sessions that you may view at your own pace. These are currently under development and we will be posting new items as we get them developed. These will open in a new window: UDOT Online Scan Ref Training UDOT Online Title Block Updating Training UDOT Online Working with MicroStation XM & V8i Training (Under construction).

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Resurfacing, Restoration, Rehabilitation (3R) Standards

If you have any questions about this document, contact:
George Lukes
Standards and Design Engineer
Email: glukes@utah.gov
Office: 801-965-4986
Cell: 801-633-8186

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is the most effective technique known to identify and eliminate unnecessary costs in product design, testing, manufacturing, construction, operations, maintenance, data, procedures and practices.

Value Engineering Manual of Instructions

Value Engineering (VE) is a function-oriented technique that has proven to be an effective management tool for achieving improved design, construction, and cost-effectiveness in various transportation program elements.

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Related UDOT Standard and Supplemental Specifications

UDOT Policy and Procedure 08A4-1

Contact Information

Fred Doehring
Director of Preconstruction
Email: fdoehring@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 633-6215

Digital Delivery

Survey and Geomatics

Survey and Geomatics Manual

The Survey and Geomatics Manual replaces the Aerial and Photogrammetry Manual. This is the primary source of information related to general surveying activities and resources at UDOT.

Utility Survey Requirements

Additional Information:

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The State of Utah, and The Utah Department of Transportation, shall in no event be liable for any lost profits, and special, indirect or consequential damages to any party, arising out of or in connection with the use or the inability to use the data hereon or the services provided. The Utah Department of Transportation provides this data and its services as a convenience to it’s customers. Furthermore, The Utah Department of Transportation reserves the right to change, revise, or otherwise discontinue published data and/or these services at any time without further notice.

The Utah Reference Network (TURN) GPS Site

The Utah Reference Network (TURN) GPS Site is now available. TURN GPS is a network of permanently located GPS receivers, installed across the state, through partnerships between Cities, Counties and State using equipment and facilities, to generate real time high accuracy GPS positioning. TURN GPS is used for a range of precision GPS applications including surveying, engineering, construction and GIS data collection. This is administered by the Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC), and is available here: Please visit this site to see if it can meet your needs!

Estimator’s Corner

The Estimator’s Corner is designed to provide cost estimating guidance and support for project teams.  The page also shows on-going low bid accuracy and awardability statistics.

Please contact the Estimate Support Desk at 801-360-0580 for assistance with your estimating needs including Cost Estimating, Change Order Reviews, Time Component Estimating, and P+T Support.

Former Contractors on the UDOT Estimate Support team use production-based cost estimating at any phase of the project as requested and on all projects at advertising.  Production-based cost estimates are more accurate than historical-based estimates and come with the added value of identifying opportunities to improve constructability and mitigate project risks.

Additional Information:

UDOT Market Watch Site

Market Watch is a centralized planning and coordination initiative to proactively plan for strategic project bid opening dates. The site also provides a newsletter, guidance, and other information to project teams about current market conditions.

      Additive Project Information

      Contact Central Construction at 801-965-4344 for answers to Additive Bidding questions.

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      Best Time to Advertise, Updated December 2, 2020

      Concept Cost Estimate Spreadsheet, Excel Spreadsheet, 2MB, Updated January 2021

      Cost Index Report

      Inflation Projections – FY – 2021

      Helpful Links:

      Masterworks Engineer’s Estimate Comparison – Current Fiscal Year Report

      Masterworks Engineer’s Estimate Comparison – Detailed Report

      Quality Control/Quality Assurance Documentation (Updates coming soon.)