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Records Requests

Utah citizens have the right to access public records that are not protected by statute and the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) was created to protect this right. To help streamline the record requesting process UDOT provides the GRAMA Portal which is available by selecting the link below.

Some records are available without submitting a formal request through websites and other systems. Links to these resources are:

For all UDOT records on Procurement bid posting:

For all UDOT records on Agency Contracts:

For all UDOT records on Statewide Contracts:

For all UDOT records on Motor Carriers Insurance and Citations information:

For all UDOT records on Crash Data:

  1. The most recent three years of crash data can be viewed and downloaded without a GRAMA request at crashmapping.utah.gov. This site provides the crash location, conditions, and contributing factors. No personally identifiable information is provided.
  2. For annual crash summary statistics please visit highwaysafety.utah.gov/crash-data/
  3. For individual crash reports please contact the investigating police department
  4. For any other inquiries, please submit a UDOT GRAMA Request.

For all UDOT records on Traffic Volumes:
Traffic Statistics

If you did not find what you were looking for from any of these links, please visit the GRAMA Portal below.

UDOT Risk Management