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Snow Removal

481 full time plow drivers, UDOT is responsible for state-ownened roadways, 236,000 tons of salt are used, $24 million winter operations budget per season, on average Utah has 25 winter storms a year, average cost of $1 million per storm

Snow Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Why do plows drive so slow?

Speed is dependent on weather and road conditions, so for safety reasons, plows drive at cautious speeds. Speed is also important for effective snow removal. When plows are throwing snow off to the side of the road, it is necessary to drive at slower speeds in order to place the snow where it needs to go.

Why hasn't my road been plowed?

There are many factors to consider with snow removal, such as prioritizing routes for emergency vehicles, storm timing, temperature and duration. For example, temperature greatly affects the removal of snow, along with the buildup of ice on the road. The colder the temperature, the more salt it requires to melt the ice and snow, allowing it to be cleared. UDOT, county or city crews make every effort to keep the roads as clear and safe as possible, while working extended hours in these variable conditions to plow every route. Please keep in mind, UDOT only clears state and federal routes, such as U.S. 89 (State Street) and S.R. 68 (Redwood Road).

Is there something that can be done to stop snowplows from filling my driveway with snow?

Unfortunately, there is not. As snow is removed from the road it is pushed to the side (of the road), including driveway accesses and sidewalks. It then becomes the responsibility of the property owner to remove the snow from these areas. Please note that property owners should not push or pile the snow back onto the roadway, since it can cause hazardous conditions for motorists.

A UDOT snowplow damaged my car. What do I do?

Snowplow drivers are careful, courteous and use extreme caution as they work to keep roadways clear, however in some cases crashes do happen. For crashes, call 9-1-1. For claims, contact 801-965-4000. Also, keep in mind in some areas, overnight parking is prohibited during winter months for safety reasons and to allow for thorough snow removal.

What is UDOT putting on the roads?

UDOT uses salt brine to pre-treat for ice before a storm hits. During storms, crews use salt, including regular white salt and three types of high-performance salt, de-slicking grit and volcanic cinders. In some locations with high ice concerns, spray systems apply potassium acetate.

The questions above are the most common ones regarding snow removal, however if you have any additional questions please use the form below.