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Traffic and Safety Division

All activities and programs led by the Traffic & Safety Division share one ultimate objective – to improve safety. The division is responsible for overseeing the research and programs that help improve transportation safety statewide. These responsibilities include safety improvement programs for work zones, school zones, traffic signals, and active transportation. Traffic & Safety personnel also supervise studies that determine the causes of crashes and other traffic hazards as well as discuss how these dangers can be minimized.

The programs administered by the Traffic & Safety Division are a service to the public. As you navigate through the various Traffic & Safety subtopics, you will see contact information listed. We value your input and encourage you to give us your comments or questions.

Robert Miles, PE
Director of Traffic and Safety

801-965-4273, robertmiles@utah.gov

Amusement Ride Safety

Vacant, Amusement Ride Safety Director
vacant, amusementridesafety@utah.gov

    The Amusement Ride Safety Committee was created in 2018 through House Bill 381: Amusement Ride Safety to establish safety standards for amusement rides in the State of Utah. Through direction of the Amusement Ride Safety Committee, UDOT shall certify qualified safety inspectors to perform annual in-person inspections of amusement rides; and require an owner-operator of an amusement ride to obtain an annual amusement ride permit for each ride. The Amusement Ride Safety Committee consists of 6 members, and meetings are open to the public.
      Amusement Ride Safety Committee (external website)
        Public Meeting Notices (external website)

        Design (State Furnished Materials, Signals, Lighting, Traffic Studies)

        Adam Lough, Traffic & Safety Design Engineer
        Signals, Traffic Studies, Lighting, Warehouse, Intersection Control Evaluation
        801-718-4326, alough@utah.gov
          Ming Jiang, Lighting Engineer
          Highway/Street Lighting
          385-232-0522, mjiang@utah.gov
            Phil Pettersson, Signal Furnished Materials
            801-419-1462, sfmaterials@utah.gov
              Kristi Hayes, ITS State Furnished Materials
              801-633-6416, atmsfurnished@utah.gov
                Signal State Furnished Materials (Google Drive folder)
                  ITS State Furnished Materials (Google Drive folder)
                    Lighting (Google Drive folder)
                      Signal and Lighting Design (Google Drive folder)
                        Warranted Signals List (168 KB PDF)
                          Traffic Signals Page (UDOT website)

                          Operations (Signs, Barrier, Guardrail, Work Zones, MUTCD)

                          Vacant, Operations Engineer
                          Design Exceptions, Safety Asset Management, MUTCD
                            Shawn Debenham, Roadside Safety Manager
                            Barrier/Guardrail, End Treatments, Roadside Safety Hardware
                            801-971-9575, sdebenham@utah.gov
                              Trevor Egan, Traffic Design Engineer
                              ADA Access, Ped Ramps, Design Exceptions
                              385-722-4104, tegan@utah.gov
                                Matt Lazanich, Work Zone Safety Engineer
                                Work Zone Safety, Flagging and TCM Training
                                801-618-2453, mlazanich@utah.gov
                                  Jonathan Harman, Data and Assets Manager
                                  GIS Analysis, Asset Management, Inservice Performance Evaluation
                                  385-245-8222, jharman@utah.gov
                                    Justin Wilstead, Standards & Innovation Manager
                                    Signs, MUTCD
                                    801-910-2507, jwilstead@utah.gov
                                      UDOT Device Eligibility (UDOT website)
                                        IQP Crash Cushion Training (UDOT website)
                                          Guardrail Installation Training (UDOT website)
                                            Traffic Control Certification (UDOT website)
                                              Highway Signs (Google Drive folder)
                                                Roadside Safety (Barrier, Guardrail, End Treatments) (Google Drive folder)
                                                  Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (36 MB PDF)
                                                    Work Zone Safety (Google Drive folder)

                                                    Pedestrian Safety / ADA / Active Transportation

                                                    Travis Evans, Active Transportation Safety Manager
                                                    Active Transportation, Safe Routes to School, Safe Sidewalks
                                                    916-215-8722, travispevans@utah.gov
                                                      Trevor Egan, Traffic Design Engineer
                                                      ADA Access, Pedestrian Ramps, Design Exceptions
                                                      385-722-4104, tegan@utah.gov
                                                        Pedestrian Safety
                                                          ADA Access

                                                          Ropeway Safety

                                                          Brian Allen, Ropeway Safety Engineer
                                                          801-965-4766, brianallen@utah.gov

                                                            A unique responsibility of the Traffic and Safety Division is to work with the Utah Passenger Ropeway Safety Committee to ensure the safety of passengers using aerial tramways, surface lifts, and tows. The focus is on ski-related equipment, but the committee also licenses other types of ropeways. Ropeways include aerial tramways, gondolas, chairlifts, t-bars, platter lifts, rope tows, conveyors and funiculars.
                                                              Ropeway Operation Safety Rules (external website)
                                                                Ropeway Forms (Google Drive folder)
                                                                  Registered Ropeways (Google Drive folder)
                                                                    Approved exception from Standards (Google Drive folder)
                                                                      UDOT Ropeway Inspection Reports (Google Drive folder)
                                                                        Qualified Engineers & Ropeway Inspectors (Google Drive folder)
                                                                          Ropeway Safety Committee (external website)
                                                                            Public Meeting Notices (external website)

                                                                            Safety Programs / Crash Data

                                                                            Jeff Lewis, Safety Programs Engineer
                                                                            801-910-2180, jefflewis@utah.gov
                                                                              Ivana Vladisavljevic, Crash Data and Analytics Engineer
                                                                              801-703-7960, ivanav@utah.gov
                                                                                Suyanka Neupaney, Data and Safety Manager
                                                                                318-243-9274, sneupaney@utah.gov
                                                                                  Crash Data Highway Safety Projects and Programs Project Safety Analysis (previously OSR)
                                                                                    Raised Median Toolkit (external website)
                                                                                      Countermeasure Fact Sheets (Google Drive folder; PDF documents)
                                                                                        Safety Standards and Training Website (external website)

                                                                                        State Safety Oversight (SSO)

                                                                                        Jim Golden, State Safety Oversight Program Manager
                                                                                        801-360-0052, jimgolden@utah.gov
                                                                                            State Safety Oversight

                                                                                            Per FTA requirements, UDOT serves as the State Safety Oversight Agency over UTA Trax.

                                                                                            Statewide Safety Initiatives

                                                                                            Kristen Hoschouer, Safety Outreach Administrator
                                                                                            801-554-5049, khoschouer@utah.gov
                                                                                              Statewide Safety Initiatives
                                                                                                Utah Highway Safety Office (DPS) (external website)
                                                                                                  Utah Strategic Highway Safety Plan (website)
                                                                                                    Appendix A – SHSP Process (256KB PDF file)
                                                                                                      Appendix B – SHSP Funding (242KB PDF file)
                                                                                                        Appendix C – SHSP Committee Resolution Form (441KB PDF file)