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2021 Utah Statewide Electric Vehicle Charging Network Plan

2021 Utah Statewide Electric Vehicle Charging Network Plan https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lgGn7HTLExuv-6L68tXDupnClTbEj9pO/view?usp=sharing


The Plan’s objective is twofold: to ensure access to DC Fast Charge (DCFC) electric vehicle chargers at least every 50 miles along Utah’s
interstate highways, and along other key highways, and to prepare for the EV charging capacity needs in Utah’s urban and rural areas.

This plan contemplates two priorities for implementation and analysis:

  1. Priority I – EV Charging Accessibility – filling EV charging gaps within key corridors to mitigate range anxiety and ensure charging infrastructure is located within reasonable distance from the previous and next EV chargers. This priority intends to provide a safety net for EV drivers, and may not adequately accommodate high-volume travel periods.
  2. Priority II – Corridor Capacity / Urban DCFC – adding additional EV chargers over time to accommodate increasing EV user base and EV adoption rates. We expect this next priority to be fulfilled by both private sector and strategic government investments as EV ownership increases demand for increased EVSE charging capacity.