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Transportation Performance Management Division

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We help people make better decisions through improved processes, meaningful metrics and clarified risks. The Division is comprised of four groups: Asset Management, Performance Management, Organizational Management and Enterprise Risk & Resiliency. The Asset Management section aligns the Department’s goals with a strategic and systematic process of operating, maintaining, upgrading and expanding physical assets effectively throughout their lifecycle. The Performance Management section aids in the development and elevation of performance measures to effectively support the Department’s goals and strategies. The Organizational Management section organizes, plans, leads and optimizes UDOT’s resources to align our people, processes, and operations to the goals and objectives of the Department. Finally, the Enterprise Risk & Resiliency section encourages risk management within the Department to identify the various events or circumstances that may prevent or enable the Department to achieve its objectives.

Transportation Performance Management Team

Transportation Performance Management Org Chart

Patrick Cowley Director, Transportation Performance Management

patrickcowley@utah.gov; 801-648-5459

Kirk Thornock Program Manager, Asset Management

kthornock@utah.gov; 435-612-3896

Vacant Program Manager, Performance Management

Alana Spendlove Program Manager, Organizational Management

aspendlove@utah.gov; 801-910-2095

Reuel (Rudy) Alder Manager, Enterprise Risk & Resiliency

ralder@utah.gov; 801-965-4796