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Research and Innovation Division

“Research: the distance between an idea and its realization.”

–David Sarnoff, pioneer of American radio and television

UDOT’s Research and Innovation division mobilizes research studies and employee ingenuity to help drive continuous Department evolution.

Our Research team partners with UDOT experts, Utah universities, and consultants to identify transportation research that meets UDOT’s most important needs. They prioritize these needs in an annual workshop hosted by the division. They manage research projects, promote implementation, share research results, coordinate with national research organizations, field-evaluate products, and provide information services.

Our Innovation team gathers and supports employee ideas, and tracks them through a development process with the goal of implementing the best ideas across UDOT. They head an Innovation Council whose Stewards lead grassroots innovation efforts in their own regions and areas. They also compile the most successful ideas in our annual Innovation and Efficiencies Report which is shared with Utah legislators and the public.

Together with our partners, UDOT’s Research and Innovation division helps keep Utah moving.

Research & Innovation Team

Research and Innovation Network Org Chart and Info Sheets

UDOT Research & Innovation Division
PO Box 148410
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-8410

Cameron Kergaye, PhD, PMP, PE
Director of Research and Innovation

Winston Inoway
Innovation and Implementation Manager

David Stevens, PE
Research Project Manager

Kevin Nichol, PE
Research Project Manager

Brad Loveless, PE
Research Project Manager

Quinten Klingonsmith
Innovation and Implementation Coordinator

Joni DeMille
UDOT Librarian

Research & Innovation News / Hot Topics

Brad Loveless is our new Research Project Manager. Brad started his career with UDOT in 2006 as a Rotational Engineer after graduating from the University of Utah. He spent 1½ years as a Roadway Design Engineer before transferring to the UDOT Willard Construction Crew where he served for over 9 years as a Field Engineer and 2½ years as a Resident Engineer. During his time in construction he has had the opportunity to work on project teams for a variety of projects including using digital delivery. Outside of work, Brad enjoys spending time traveling with his wife and 3 sons, and is always looking for an opportunity for new experiences. Some of his favorite places that his wanderlust has taken him include the Redwoods, Lava Tubes National Monument, and the Florida Everglades. His top five Clifton Strengths are Deliberative, Analytical, Discipline, Responsibility, and Harmony.
Quinten Klingonsmith is our new Innovation & Implementation Program Coordinator. He previously worked at the Utah Department of Workforce Services as an instructional designer. Quinten brings a wealth of skills to the Research & Innovation Division including project management, interviewing, writing, and video production. His top five Strengths are: Achiever, Connectedness, Learner, Analytical, Individualization. He earned a masters degree in Public Administration from BYU. Please join us in welcoming him to UDOT.
Winston Inoway has been selected as the Innovation and Implementation Program Manager. Winston was previously the I & I Program Coordinator and producer of the Innovation Station video series. He is excited to advance department opportunities including the annual Innovation & Efficiencies Report, STIC Incentive Grants, EDC-7 Innovations, and the UDOT Innovation of the Year Award. For more information about any of these opportunities or to become a member of the statewide Innovation Council, contact Winston at winoway@utah.gov.
Following the Final Research Reports section below, a new space has been added for research done by other UDOT divisions. Project team members with UDOT’s Traffic and Safety division recently completed their work with NCHRP 22-33. Results and methods described in their final report may be of interest nationally. Take a look!

NCHRP Report 22-33 ISPE – Evaluation of Utah Longitudinal Barrier (September 2021)
October 2021: LITTER IN UTAH
Check out the new executive report prepared by UDOT’s Research & Innovation team that includes an overview of UDOT’s current state of practice for statewide litter mitigation, a national snapshot of mitigation investment, recommendations, and much more.

Highway Litter Mitigation

Research Program

Everything we do at UDOT is informed by RESEARCH. Learn how in our video:

(Video length 3:48)

UDOT's Research Prioritization Process (Annual Research Workshop)

image of UDOT's research workshop logo
UDOT’s Research & Innovation Division holds an annual research prioritization workshop each spring (also known as “UTRAC”) to help determine how the Department allocates a portion of state planning and research funds allotted to each state via 23 U.S.C. 505(a).

Workshop participants include professionals from UDOT, FHWA, local governments, MPOs, transit agencies, universities, and the private sector. These technical stakeholders help to shape a leaner, smarter, and safer transportation network in alignment with UDOT’s Strategic Direction. The annual prioritization process matches up today’s toughest transportation challenges with the best problem solvers available to develop implementation-ready solutions.

Whether you have an intractable transportation-related challenge, or are part of a talented problem-solving team, UTRAC is here to help fuel tomorrow’s innovative transportation solutions today!

The 2022 workshop was held virtually on April 25-28, 2022. For more information, see the links below or contact UTRAC@utah.gov.
  • 2022 Selected Research Projects

  • 2022 Research Workshop Welcome and Trailblazer Award Video
  • 2022 Research Problem Statements List with Links to Presentation Videos
  • 2022 Research Workshop Agenda
  • 2022 Breakout Session Contacts

  • 2022 Workshop Roles and Responsibilities
  • 2022 Research Workshop Process Flyer
  • 2022 Research Workshop Process
  • 2022 Research Workshop FAQs

  • 2021 Research Workshop Proceedings
  • Active Research

    Active Research Projects (Updated quarterly. Current version: June 2022)

    Final Research Reports / Final Presentation Recordings

    Our most recent and frequently requested reports are posted under the gray subject headings below. Older reports can be accessed from this list:

    Archived Research & Innovation Reports

    For reports prior to 2011, please contact a Research Project Manager or UDOT’s Librarian.

    Research Performed by Other UDOT Divisions

    TRID Search Tips

    TRID is a comprehensive database resource for transportation research and literature searches.

    TRB Library Snap Searches

    Quickly get up to speed on complex research topics with summaries that include a list of recent reports, current and upcoming projects, names of relevant committees, and upcoming events like conferences and webinars.

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