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Materials & Pavements Division


Ensuring high quality construction materials are incorporated into projects through qualified, certified, testing personnel and laboratories, as well as ensuring our pavement program and designs are optimized for preserving our infrastructure at the lowest life-cycle cost. 


  • Provide performance specifications and quality assurance program for construction material.
  • Provide training and certification program for testing technicians and laboratories for acceptance testing of materials.
  • Collect, manage, analyze and report statewide pavement condition data for setting performance targets and determining pavement program funding needs.
    • Consistent pavement management and designs for the right pavement at the right time for predictable pavement performance.

Contact Information

Ken Talbot
Materials and Pavements Director
Email: kentalbot@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 360-8750

L. Scott Nussbaum
State Engineer for Qualification and Materials
Email: snussbaum@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 726-9065

Concrete & Steel Section

Jason Richins
Concrete & Steel Engineer
Email: jtrichins@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 360-4985

Radha Ukkiramapandian
UDOT Chemist
Email: rukkiramapandian@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 671-3973

Jess Charlesworth
Precast Concrete Inspector and Aggregate Technician
Email: jacharlesworth@utah.gov
Cell: 801 538-7783

Jeremy Price
Structural Steel QA Coordinator
Email: jeremyprice@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 633-6266

Nick Romero
Structural Steel Inspector
Email: nickromero@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 633-6265

Lohn Smalley
Structural Steel Inspector
Email: lsmalley@utah.gov
Cell: (385) 235-2697

Scott Strader
Pre-cast Inspection Manager
Email: sstrader@utah.gov
Cell: (385) 225-7681

Larry Ivie
Pre-cast Inspector
Email: larryivie@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 633-5272

Daniel Guzman
Pre-cast Inspector
Email: dguzman@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 759-6805

Implementation Section

Bin Shi
Implementation Engineer
Email: bshi@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 633-6260

D. Scott Potter
Database and Process Analyst Engineer
Email: dspotter@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 647-3459

Tim Wozab
Approved Products Coordinator
Email: twozab@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 633-7619

Asphalt Section

Howard Anderson
Asphalt Engineer
Email: handerson@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 633-8770

Stephan Foster
Lead Binder Technician
Email: swfoster@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 644-8292

Mike Evans
Asphalt Lab Technician
Email: michaelevans@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 633-6264

Trevor Vlam
Asphalt Lab Technician
Email: tvlam@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 815-9644

Clark Allen
Lead Asphalt Mix Lab Technician
Email: clarkallen@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 633-6261

Jon Hardman
Asphalt Mix Lab Technician
Cell: (801) 410-2943

Quality Assurance Section

Glen Clark
Quality Assurance Engineer
Email: gclark@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 910-2571

Amy Poloni Rico
Quality Systems Engineer
Email: arico@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 633-0623

Michael White
Lab Certification Specialist
Email: mwhite@utah.gov
Office: (801) 226-4623

Tyler Lake
Lab Equipment Certification Specialist
Email: tylerlake@utah.gov
Cell: (385) 222-5159

TTQP Certification Coordinator

Glenn Tarrant
TTQP Certification Coordinator
Email: gtarrant@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 455-5370

Gilbert Arredondo
TTQP Certification Coordinator
Email: garredondo@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 633-6269

Jose Herrera
TTQP Certification Coordinator
Email: joseherrera@utah.gov
Cell: (385) 227-5280

Pavement Section

Austin Baysinger
State Pavement Management Engineer
Email: abaysinger@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 987-0164

Gang Guo
Pavement Modeling Engineer
Email: gguo@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 618-7947

Jason Simmons
State Pavement Engineer
Email: jasonsimmons@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 641-6599

Craig Hebbert
State Pavement Design Engineer
Email: chebbert@utah.gov
Cell: (435) 592-2004

Jess Borovatz
Materials Training and Pavement Technician
Email: jborovatz@utah,gov
Cell: (801) 946-0002

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