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Project Development Division

Welcome to Project Development

The Project Development Division “Keeps Utah Moving” by supporting the design and
construction of projects through establishing standardized processes, procedures and
expectations to comply with state and federal rules and regulations.
The Division has statewide responsibilities for preconstruction, right of way, structures,
materials and pavements, contracting services, construction and civil rights.

Construction & Civil Rights
Contracting Services
Materials & Pavements
Right of Way

Project Development Contact Information:

Carmen Swanwick
Director of Project Development
Email: cswanwick@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 232-7802

Lynn Starley
Administrative Assistant
Email: lstarley@utah.gov
Office: (801) 965-4826
Cell: (801) 244-1152

Fred Doehring
Director of Preconstruction
Email: fdoehring@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 633-6215

Right of Way Director
Email:  @utah.gov

Cheryl Hersh Simmons
Chief Structural Engineer
Email:  cherylhersh@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 557-7846

William Lawrence
Director of Materials and Pavements
Email:  billlawrence@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 879-1993

Eric Chaston
Director of Construction
Email:  echaston@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 910-2531