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    Express Lanes Suspended in Construction Zones:

    Obey all signing and striping in the free and suspended locations!

    All single occupant vehicles can use Express Lanes south bound between 600 North and Lehi Main Street and north bound between Lehi Main Street and Point of the mountain. This is a result of the I-15 Southbound and the I-15 Technology Corridor projects. Please visit those sites for more information.

Using Express Lanes Properly Helps Everyone

Utah's Express Lanes, located on I-15 between Layton and Spanish Fork, provide all commuters with more consistent speeds and fewer slowdowns along I-15 when used correctly. The express Lanes help reduce traffic congestion for drivers in all lanes and ensure all I-15 lanes can carry their maximum capacity.

Who Can Use the Express Lanes

The Express Lanes can be used by carpooler, buses, motorcycles, emergency vehicles and C Decal vehicles (these vehicles are the priority in the Express Lanes and may continue to use them without charge). Solo drivers with an Express Pass may fill any remaining space for a fee.

Express PassExpress Pass
Clean Fuel Vehicle Decal and Permit

Clean Fuel Vehicle Decal and Permit


Don't Cheat the HOV

Violation of Utah's Express Lanes (also known as high-occupancy vehicle lanes, or HOV) causes unnecessary slowdowns and congestion. To maximize the efficiency of the Express Lanes and the entire I-15 corridor, follow the rules

  • Double white lines
    Don't cross the double white lines--it's unsafe and illegal. Don't weave in and out--enter and exit at designated areas indicated by white-dotted lines
  • Speed limit
    Follow all traffic laws, including the speed limit
  • Not a passing lane
    Express Lanes are not passing lanes--don't use them to pass other vehicles
Warning: Utah Highway Patrol is on the hunt for Express L:anes Violators. $337 Fine and it goes on your driving record.